Cgaw logoChildren's Grief Awareness Week 2019 will run from 15-21 November with the theme #LostforWords.

The Week is a chance for us to come together to show our support for bereaved children across the UK. Organisations across the UK will be showing solidarity with grieving children, young people and their families in their community; raising awareness of their needs and how to help; and fundraising for their service.

We're delighted to be teaming up with Grief Encounter, our partners in the Life Matters Taskforce and member services across the UK to plan the Week.

The theme: Lost for Words

During the Week, we'll be encouraging the sharing of ideas on social media about how people can help grieving children and their families - even if they think they don't know what to say. This could be through practical help such as cooking a meal or helping out, doing something relaxing together, or finding other ways to communicate and support.

We also hope this will be a chance for our member services to showcase their work, for example

  • creative activities with grieving children and young people - where it doesn't matter if they feel Lost for Words because they can express themselves through art, music, drama and play
  • training for schools to help staff feel less Lost for Words when a pupil is grieving or the curriculum is covering topics of change, loss and bereavement
  • supportive work with families to help them communicate together and find words again

If you are planning activity for the week, you can download the logo for your publicity here.


We will be publishing a short e-book of suggestions from bereaved young people and those supporting them, about how other people can offer support even if they are feeling Lost for Words. We're inviting young people to share their story/suggestion with an emoji or emoticon that we can publish next to their advice - something that sums up their advice in a picture or a couple of pictures. 

We are also producing an exciting new resource to improve support in schools to be launched during the Week. 

International Children's Grief Awareness Day

Cgad LogoThe Week will finish with Children’s Grief Awareness Day on 21 November, a global day designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children — and of the benefits they obtain through the support of others.

Initiated by the Highmark Caring Place in 2008, the Day is now supported by organisations across the US through the National Alliance for Grieving Children: CBN’s equivalent body there, and is spreading across the world. The day is always held on the Thursday before Thanksgiving in the US.