literature reviews & Reading lists

Literature reviews

For the most up to date research findings, we publish an annual compendium of statistics and research for Childhood Bereavement Network members, with chapters on the impact of bereavement, what children need, and the effectiveness of support. Join today to get your free copy.

Ribbens McCarthy J and Jessop J (2005) offers a good review of the literature on childhood bereavement up to that date. For a more in-depth review, try Ribbens McCarthy J (2006). 

More recent findings are included in a rapid literature review carried out by the Child Well-being Research Centre (Akerman and Statham 2014) which is free to download.

Reading lists

The Library and Information Service at the National Children's Bureau have prepared two reading lists for us


Akerman R and Statham J (2014) Bereavement in childhood: the impact on psychological and educational outcomes and the effectiveness of support services. Working paper n.25 London, UK: Child Wellbeing Research Centre

Ribbens McCarthy J and Jessop J (2005) Young People, Bereavement and Loss: disruptive transitions London, UK: National Children's Bureau.

Ribbens McCarthy J (2006) Young People's Experiences of Loss and Bereavement: Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach Maidenhead, UK: Open University Press.